Achy Feet? How Orthotics Can Help


If you're suffering from achy, tired feet or back problems, the root of the issue may lie with the shoes you are wearing. The average pair of shoes tends to wear down over time, resulting in less support for the feet and body. With custom orthotic fittings for your shoes, you can get relief from the every day aches and pains of being on your feet and they can greatly improve your overall well-being and health. Read on to learn about what orthotic shoe inserts are and what they can do for you.

Simple Inserts

If you only need a bit more support in your shoes than you're already getting, you can always purchase inserts designed for different issues at your local drugstore or general merchandise store. Some inserts have a special gel in them that will give your feet more cushion as you stand and walk. Others may be custom cut to fit your shoes and provide better arch support for your feet. These inserts are relatively inexpensive, but they do not last quite as long as custom fit orthotics will.

Custom Orthotics

If store bought inserts are not enough to provide the support you need, it may be time to look into getting custom orthotics. These are devices that are prescribed by a podiatrist and are made to fit your shoes and feet only. They're made to match the contours of your feet and are designed to help give you specific support for the way you walk and move. Before you can get these specially fitted devices, your podiatrist will perform an evaluation of your feet as well as your ankles and even your legs. This helps them get a better picture of what your specific needs will be in terms of support.  

Types of Orthotics

There are two main types of custom orthotic inserts: functional and accommodative. Functional inserts are made to help people who deal with unusual or abnormal motion when they walk, resulting in foot or back pain. They are also used to help people suffering from problems like tendonitis or shin splints. These inserts are typically made from a heavy plastic or even graphite, and are more rigid. Accommodative orthotics are much softer and are designed to give extra cushion and support for the feet. These types of custom inserts are made for those suffering from problems like diabetic foot ulcers, calluses, bunions, or other problematic foot conditions.

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7 October 2015

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