The Hottest Designs In Eyewear


Eyeglasses are meant to help people see better, but they don't need to just have a utilitarian purpose. The glasses you choose can also be a statement piece as part of an entire wardrobe ensemble. Eyewear is now more than just a way to improve your vision; it's become a real fashion statement. Here are some of the hottest designs in glasses that can add some "oomph" to your outfit.

Colorful Frames

Today's modern eyeglasses offer a cavalcade of colors and patterns. Choose from thicker frames with resins and plastics made in bright wild colors. Patterned frames such as leopard or cheetah and floral motifs are also really popular. You don't have to stick with drab browns and blacks. Choose from blue tones, hot pink, or a wild print to made your glasses stand out in the crowd.

Cat Eye Styles

The famous cat eye style has been around for decades, but it was once reserved only for sunglasses. Today's modern eyeglasses come in this alluring design, and can accent the face in a really hip way. Cat eye glasses don't look like the typical round or oval frame. Instead, they taper outward and make glasses look ultra feminine. This style is timeless, yet many eyewear designers are reinventing them with new accents like rhinestones and colorful logos.

Larger Frames

Over-sized frames are giving the standard pair of glasses a whole new look, particularly when it comes to sunglasses. These frames extend further around the eyes and look a lot larger than a standard pair of glasses. They've become a must-have choice for those who want their glasses to be a part of their identity rather than just something that fades into the background. Larger sized frames come in all shapes, so you can find them in round, oblong, and cat eye shapes with a much larger facial "footprint."

Designer Brands

Eyeglasses were once an item you purchased at the optometrist's office. Today, big names in fashion design have caught onto the trend. Famous makers who were once known for their handbags, purses, and clothing are now stepping into the realm of eyeglasses. Look for pairs emblazoned with the designer's name on the inside of the frames or as a small logo on the corner of one eye. These glasses are more expensive, but the designers have added their own personal flair and touch to these styles so everyone will know you're wearing a pair of glasses that's high end.


11 November 2015

Accessories Complete Your Outfit

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