Tips For Taking Care Of Your Luxury Swiss Watch


Whether it was a gift, or a present you bought for yourself, you'll want to keep your luxury Swiss watch in good condition. Watches aren't like other pieces of jewelry. They need more care and attention. Here are a few maintenance tips that will help you keep your luxury Swiss watch ticking.

Do Show Care with Your Watch

Whether on or off your wrist, show care when handling your watch. Modern timepieces can take some shocks and vibrations. They can even take on a little moisture and condensation. But, just because your watch can take it, doesn't mean you shouldn't treat it carefully.

Avoid shaking it up too much, and definitely avoid taking it under water. Even if it's water-resistant, you should preserve that resistance for when you really need it. Instead, consider purchasing a dedicated watch for your diving and water sports, and leave the luxury Swiss at home.

No matter how rugged the watch seems, you should keep it out of extreme temperatures. And make sure to take it off during activities that don't particularly require a luxury watch on your arm, like doing chores or working on the car. Here's a few other things you should try to keep your watch away from.

  • Magnets and magnetic fields
  • Chemicals of any sort
  • Anything that can hit your watch

Wear your watch with pride, but know when having it on isn't such a good idea.

Keep Your Watch Clean

When it comes to cleaning your watch, there's a few generic approaches you can take. First, however, you should see what your watch's manufacturer suggests. There are many watch cleaning products out there. If you use one, make sure it's suitable for your type of watch, and follow the instructions closely.

You can also clean your watch with a microfiber cloth or any dry soft cloth. This will eliminate smudges and light buildups. It will also give your watch a little polish. Wipe away any moisture with such a cloth immediately, especially if your watch isn't a water-resistant one. In cases where there's stubborn buildup of grime, you can use a slightly damp, soft cloth to start with. Make sure you dry it quickly with your microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the band depends on the material it's made of. You'll want to seek instructions specific to the material or check with the manufacturer. Outside of thorough cleanings, you should wipe your band with a soft, lint-free cloth often. When you're done, store your watch in a dry place, on a soft cloth. Even better, invest in a dedicated watchcase.

Seek Professional Servicing

Your luxury Swiss watch will require professional servicing from a business like Ross Watch Repairs every few years. Look for watch repair and servicing professionals with the certification to open your specific brand. They can clean, lubricate, and rebalance the internals of your watch. It's something you should do every couple of years.  


26 April 2017

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