Cool Leather Accents For Any Season


If you want to beef-up your year-round wardrobe, pick up some leather accents. Leather is wearable any season, and there are some quality leather merchandise that can be used to shake up your current closet. Before you buy any more clothing this season, consider how leather accents can extend and enhance your favorite ensembles.

Some lovely leather accents that suit any season include the following:

Cute cuffs. Cuffs are very chic right now, and these are the perfect way to bring a pop of personality to any outfit. Look for leather cuffs with embossing or embellishments, and keep an eye out for flexible-sized cuffs that offer the right fit and comfort.

Posh personals. While you may not always wear your accents, pick up a leather-bound journal to carry in your bag. It pays to keep a pad and paper nearby, but do it in style; visit sites to find unique, beautiful journals to track appointments, messages, and thoughts. You may find that these gorgeous leather journals inspire you to write more and stay on track throughout the day.

Bohemian bags. Speaking of bags, a leather bag is the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble or outfit. Messenger and hobo bags provide plenty of room for whatever you need to carry; leather backpacks and cross-body bags are ideal for school. Check out online selections of leather products for bags that will last for years to come.

Bold boots. Not only stylish, a pair of great leather boots is a practical, savvy measure. Invest in biker boots for a cute pairing with jeans or an unexpected finish for a maxi dress. Buy heeled-boots for your formal affairs or for the office with slacks, and lower-heeled boots for leisure activities and recreation. Make sure to buy from sellers and sites that offer customer satisfaction and a guarantee in the event your boots don't fit properly.

Haute hats. Top off your look with the perfect leather hat. These will protect your head, keep you dry, and maintain your comfort in any conditions; plus, they bring a sharp detail to any outfit! Buy wide-brimmed hats for an elegant look that you can wear any place, or a leather cap for a day at the beach.

Visit stores and sites for quality leather goods to accentuate your favorite garments, outfits, and ensembles. Consider picking up some of these suggestions to bring an edgy flair to your current closet. Look for products made and manufactured in the US for craftsmanship and longevity. 


29 May 2017

Accessories Complete Your Outfit

Hi. My name is Candy Lewis. I’m a stay at home mom in my mid-thirties. Taking care of my children and our home can wear me down. Sometimes I’m exhausted to the point of not caring what I look like when I leave the house. However, when I do have the time to put an outfit together, I depend heavily on accessories to complete the look. I have learned that I can have an ordinary sweater on but when adding a necklace it turns into an extraordinary look. Jewelry, handbags, belts, shoes and hats can all finish off an outfit. I’m happy to share some of my accessorizing tips with you. Some are very simple. I feel ten years younger when I take a cute little over the shoulder handbag and sling it over my head and shoulder. I hope you find my tips to be of interest!