Prolonging The Life Of Your Dress Compression Stockings Or Socks


If your physician recently recommended that you purchase a few quality pairs of dress compression socks or stockings to aid with varicose vein pain, it is likely you will find relief rather quickly after using these helpful clothing accessories. It is important to take the time to protect your investment from potential damage. Caring for your footwear properly will keep the pieces in the best of shape so they can be continued to be used for a long time. Here are some tips to follow to aid in preserving the material of your compression items so you do not need to purchase new ones as often.

Make It A Point To Be On The Lookout For Sharp Items

It is best to avoid walking through your home without a pair of slippers over your socks or stockings. This will aid in keeping the bottoms from becoming snagged, as well as keeping them from wearing. Make sure to cut your toenails regularly to minimize the chance of them poking through the material of your compression items. If you have long fingernails, consider using a nail file often to remove any sharp portions which could cause ripping of material when you put on your socks or stockings. Avoid wearing rings, wristwatches, or bracelets when putting on or taking off your footwear as well.

Wash Your Compression Socks Or Stockings After Each Use

It is important to wash your compression items to remove dead skin cells and oils left behind from your skin as they can alter the material, perhaps giving you less support as a result. Instead of placing your socks or stockings in a washing machine and drier, it is best to hand-wash and air-dry these items. Use a laundry detergent made especially for delicate materials and allow the compression items to soak in a basin of soapy lukewarm water for several minutes. Rinse well and place the items flat on a dry towel instead of draping them or using clothes hangers. Flip the items over and set them on another dry towel after several minutes. Avoid placing the compression socks or stockings near a heat source.

Know When To Use Skin Care Products On The Feet And Legs

Do not use any type of moisturizing cream before putting on your compression socks or stockings. The chemicals in these products will cause the rubber in the footwear's material to break down quickly. If you wish to use a foot care product, do so at night after you have removed the socks or stockings. It can then be rinsed off when you take a shower or bath in the morning.

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22 June 2017

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