Features to Look for in Combat Boots to Keep in Your Survival Stash


When most preppers consider building up their collection of gear, they are thinking along the lines of food and water supplies, fuel, and possibly ammunition. However, if you are a serious prepper, you know that it is also important for you to plan for an event that would leave you having to travel on foot. If you want to be prepared to travel by foot, then military footwear could be an excellent addition to your stash.

Combat-style military boots are the logical choice for survival footwear, but many brands are dubbed as "military" or "combat" that don't really meet the required specifications. Here's what you should be looking for in combat boots for your survival collection. 

Ankle Stability 

Ankle stability with combat boots is important because in a warzone, troops can be facing many miles of foot travel. If the ankles are not properly supported, it can cause injury and fatigue, especially in rough terrains. In a survival situation you could be facing some of the same obstacles, so ankle stability in the boots you choose is important. Look for boots that have high tops and slightly structured ankle supports, but also that have at least minimal padding along the ankle area of the boot inside. 

No-Shine Surface 

Old combat boots were often made of shiny leather materials, which definitely lends a sleek appearance and usually waterproof abilities. However, shiny boots are mostly a thing of the past in most modern combat zones. Boots that shine can reflect light and look unnatural when you are trying to stay concealed or undercover. So instead, make sure you look for survival boots that have a more matte finish that does not shine or reflect the light in any way. Softer leather styles are available, but you can also find combat boots that have a suede finish so they are no-shine. 

Long Durable Shoestrings

Something as simple as a broken boot string can really slow you down if you are in a survival situation on foot. So make sure you look for combat boots that have durable strings made of braided or corded leather or thick nylon. Additionally, opting for strings that are a little longer than what you need will give you more string to work with to tie up the boots if the string breaks in one particular area. Plus, if a situation arises that you need extra string, such as to make a tournicate, you will have some available on your shoe. 


18 September 2017

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