Finding The Right Clothes To Give At A Baby Shower


Throwing a baby shower for a friend or family member is a great way to give a new mom some love and support. If you scour the internet, you'll find plenty of creative gift ideas. However, gifting a simple outfit to a new mother can be a big help. Babies grow so much within the first year that many outfits have to be discarded after just a month of use. If you want to get some clothes for a baby shower gift, here are some tips to help you narrow down your search.

Watch Out for Buttons

While buttons can certainly look cute, they can be a choking hazard for babies. Instead, look for clothes that have covered snaps or velcro—these fasteners are much safer. Onesies, or bodysuits, that come with covered snaps make fantastic gifts. You can often get a bundle of three or four for a good price. Onesies also have covered snaps on the bottom of the garment, meaning it will be that much easier for a mom or dad to change a diaper.

Find Clothes that Can Fit Many Sizes

Again, babies grow out of clothing extremely fast, so when in doubt, buy a size or two larger so that clothing won't be too small when it's given at the shower.

Thankfully, stores are realizing how hard it is to find clothing that fits, so some brands have clothing that can fit many different ages. For instance, you could purchase the baby some Savvy Pants. These pants can often fit children age 0 to 9 months. Some kids are able to wear these kinds of pants until they are almost 24 months! These pants have flexible waistbands and cuffs so that they can grow with a child and still be comfortable. They also are made with comfortable, eco-friendly fabrics.

Like Savvy pants, there are also clothes called Doodle Bottoms that are quite flexible. These bottoms have legging-like pant legs so that they don't ride up on the baby's chunky legs. But even though they are form fitting in the legs, they are loose in the bottom, so that cloth and disposable diapers can fit comfortably. Doodle Bottoms are a great gift because they come in fun, bright colors, and they often have cute animal designs on the rear-end. Lastly, Doodle Bottoms can be matched to cute t-shirts and jackets that also have animal designs.

Choose the Right Fabrics

While it usually doesn't matter which kind of clothing article you get, it does matter which kind of fabric you pick. For instance, some baby clothes are made of silk, which is actually a comfortable fabric, but it can be a nightmare to clean. Avoid silk if you can so that the mom and dad don't have to worry about stains and messy foods ruining the clothing.

Also, while it may be tempting to get some faux fur for jackets and warm clothing items, try to avoid these fabrics. Fibers in faux fur are loose, meaning that babies learning to grasp at about three months can easily pull out the fibers, put them in their mouth, and choke.

Cotton is a great fabric for baby clothes because it is both comfortable for the baby and easy to wash. If you want to get warmer clothing, look for fleece, since it is quite durable and and warm. Lastly, while linen is often overlooked as a fabric for bedding, it can be great for clothes since it is very breathable and comfortable.

Contact a local retailer such as Chunkabuns or go online to find the right baby clothes for your baby shower gift.


23 January 2018

Accessories Complete Your Outfit

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