Father's Day Alert: 3 Things To Look For In A Golf Shirt


If you have a dad who likes to golf, then don't miss out on the opportunity to get him some new men's golf apparel for Father's Day this year. Not only is wearing the right thing on the golf course going to help your dad look good, but golf apparel is actually designed to help people perform a lot better while they are on the golf course. If you want to give your dad a golf shirt for Father's Day, make sure that you get him the right kind of shirt. This article will take a closer look at three things that you should look for when buying a golf shirt for your dad. 

A collar

Although some golf shirts don't have collars, you don't want to buy your dad one of those. Golf shirts have collars for a reason: they protect your neck from too much sun when you're sitting out on the golf course all day long. Also, if your dad likes to go golfing with business colleagues or clients, buying them a collared shirt will help them look more professional while they're meeting with people. 

The Material

Golf shirts come in all types of materials, but you should look for one that's made of a sporty material that is sweat resistant. Although cotton golf shirts look nice to wear to work, they aren't necessarily made for the golf course. When you find a performance-grade material, though, that's what you really want. This thin type of material will help repel sweat and is light enough to help your dad get in the perfect swing without feeling too restricted. Just make sure that in addition to choosing the right material that you choose the right color, too, because dark colors can add to the heat and sweat. 

The Fit

Just like dress shirts, golf shirts come in a slim fit, regular fit, or relaxed fit. What does your dad feel more comfortable in? The goal isn't to make them look too trendy, but it's to make them feel confident. So, although you might want your dad to try a slim fit golf shirt, if they normally wear a regular fit shirt, then just stick to what you know that they like. 

Father's Day is the best day to really celebrate your dad, all that he has done for you, and all that he continues to do for you. Use these tips when shopping for men's golf apparel for your dad. 


31 May 2019

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