Everything You Need to Know About a Neoprene Wetsuit


Anyone who has ever watched television has seen divers don a neoprene wetsuit, but what exactly is it? Here's what you need to know about neoprene, including how it's made, how to care for it, and what all the different types are.

What is neoprene?

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is cut into sheets and bonded to another fabric. The fabric that is used determines what the neoprene is used for. Surfers prefer a fabric that stretches and can move with them while scuba divers prefer a thicker fabric that will keep them warm. 

What is the difference between a wetsuit and a drysuit?

Neoprene can be used in many types of one-piece suits. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, from 1.5mm to 7mm. The thicker the neoprene is, the warmer it will keep you in the cold water. Wetsuits use thin neoprene fabric and are designed to fit snugly on your body. With a dry suit, however, the material is much thicker and the suit is meant to fit loosely. Drysuits are used in cold climates because they keep you completely dry. 

What is a spring suit?

A neoprene spring suit, sometimes called a shorty, is a neoprene suit with short sleeves and short legs. It is used in tropical climates for warm water diving and sports because the water is mild enough to expose your arms and legs. 

Is a neoprene wetsuit only for scuba diving?

While originally developed with divers in mind, neoprene wetsuits, one-pieces, and spring suits can be used by anyone active near the water. Surfers, beach volleyball players, and kayakers all enjoy the benefits of neoprene. It dries quickly and offers some UV protection as well.  

Are you supposed to wear anything under a neoprene wetsuit?

Neoprene wetsuits are designed to trap a thin layer of water between the suit and your skin to keep you warm. They are not meant to be worn with clothing or a bathing suit beneath them. That said, if you are renting a neoprene wetsuit from a dive company, you are expected to wear a bathing suit. 

 Is it easier to put on a neoprene wetsuit when you are wet or dry?

You can put on a wet suit when it is either wet or dry. The trick to making the process easier, however, is to make sure that both you and the suit are the same. It gets tricky to squeeze into a wetsuit when one of you is wet and the other is dry. 

How do you care for neoprene?

Your neoprene wetsuit should be rinsed with fresh water after each use, turned inside-out, and hung up to dry. There are gentle detergents available on the market designed specifically for cleaning neoprene if your wetsuit becomes particularly dirty.

A neoprene wetsuit is an investment that will help you enjoy the water more comfortably whether you are a surfer, diver, or just love hanging out at the beach. Visit websites like dosgardenias.com to learn more.


28 October 2020

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