Fashion Superstar: Why a Rainbow Long Dress Is a Great Choice for Any Occasion


Do you enjoy having articles of clothing that can be worn for any occasion? Do you love wearing clothing that is fun, comfortable, and stands out in a crowd?  If so, a rainbow long dress is up to the task and is a versatile piece of clothing you will be happy to have in your wardrobe.

Vacation style

From long strolls on the beach to dining at your favorite seaside restaurant, a rainbow long dress will be right at home at any vacation resort. It is a comfortable choice to wear when traveling to and from your vacation location. It also makes a great coverup for a bathing suit when hanging out poolside.

Pair your dress with comfortable sandals in one of the rainbow colors to add a pop of fashionable color to your look. Jewelry choices are best left simple and carefree to allow your dress to be the main attraction.

Casual comfort

Looking for a casual piece of clothing to wear around the house? A rainbow long dress will not disappoint. Whether you are cleaning your house or enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the backyard, you cannot beat the comfort of a long dress to make days at home dreamy.

A rainbow long dress is a great choice when you have houseguests in your home. A long dress provides plenty of modesty without sacrificing beauty. It will provide more coverage than a typical nightgown and is perfect for those times when you want your nightwear to be less revealing.

Office attire

Heading to the office may seem like less of a chore when you are dressed in a beautiful rainbow long dress. You will look stunning and enjoy the comfort and freedom a great dress provides as you go about your workday. Pair your dress with a pair of ballet flats in red or blue to complete the look.

Accessorize your dress with a gold or silver chain necklace. Matching small or medium hoop earrings will further enhance the look. Match your purse to your shoes, and you may just be the best-dressed woman in the office.

When you have a rainbow long dress in your wardrobe, you will always have the perfect go-to item to wear for any occasion. A rainbow long dress will give you plenty of options when selecting jewelry and shoes to match your dress. Fit for any season, the fun colors in a rainbow long dress are always in style and may become the most versatile item in your wardrobe. To learn more, shop through retailers like B'Come U.


13 July 2021

Accessories Complete Your Outfit

Hi. My name is Candy Lewis. I’m a stay at home mom in my mid-thirties. Taking care of my children and our home can wear me down. Sometimes I’m exhausted to the point of not caring what I look like when I leave the house. However, when I do have the time to put an outfit together, I depend heavily on accessories to complete the look. I have learned that I can have an ordinary sweater on but when adding a necklace it turns into an extraordinary look. Jewelry, handbags, belts, shoes and hats can all finish off an outfit. I’m happy to share some of my accessorizing tips with you. Some are very simple. I feel ten years younger when I take a cute little over the shoulder handbag and sling it over my head and shoulder. I hope you find my tips to be of interest!