Consider A Distressed Throwback Design Tee


Throwback design T-shirts have wording and images that give this type of garment a stylish, retro feel. While the design itself on any of these tees has a vintage look, you may want to choose a garment that has an especially old appearance. If so, you'll want to shop for a distressed throwback tee. These garments are widely available and can be fun if you enjoy sporting a casual, relaxed look. Distressed T-shirts have a number of different features that give them a unique look that sets them apart from other garments you may own. Here are some common elements of a distressed throwback design T-shirt.

Faded Fabric

Most T-shirts that you buy have strong, bright-colored fabric, but this isn't the case when you shop for a distressed throwback tee. You'll find that many of these shirts feature faded fabric, which is perhaps the most noticeable feature that gives the garment a vintage appearance. For example, instead of a shirt being bright red, it will be a faded red that suggests the garment has been washed dozens of times over the years. This type of fabric often gives the shirt a cozy, well-worn feel.

Faded Logo

Another thing that you'll see when you browse distressed throwback tees is that the logos and images on these garments can have a faded look. Don't expect to see any crisp logos. Instead, most of these logos will look faded and you'll even see some that are designed to make it appear as though the printing on the logo has flaked away to some degree. This is something that often happens naturally to shirts that are very old, and throwback design tees do a good job of mimicking this look.

Tears And Stains

If you want to take things a step further, you might enjoy shopping for a distressed tee that features small tears in the fabric. You'll see lots of these garments on the market, which will often have slightly frayed collars and cuffs that represent the wear and tear that might occur on a garment after years of repeated use. Some of these garments go a step further and have designs that make it appear as though the shirt is slightly stained. For example, there might be a few small blotches on the front of the shirt. This idea represents how many peoples' regular shirts can develop small stains over the years. Look for a distressed throwback design tee at an online clothing retailer.


18 April 2022

Accessories Complete Your Outfit

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