Decisions To Make When You Buy An Engraved Celtic Wall Cross


If you're looking for a decorative item that you can hang in your home to provide a source of comfort, you have a variety of options. One product to think about is a Celtic wall cross, which you can buy in several materials. Many people favor this type made of wood, and there are retailers online that specialize in wooden Celtic crosses. You'll enjoy browsing the many different designs as you look for one that will be the best fit for your home. Here are some decisions to make as you check out the selection of wooden Celtic crosses for sale.


Wooden Celtic wall crosses are available in lots of different sizes from very small to very large. It's worthwhile to think about where you wish to hang this decorative piece before you begin to shop, as this can help you to understand what size will work best. For example, if you want to hang it on a narrow strip of the wall beside the door frame in a particular room, you'll need to choose a cross that isn't overly wide. If you like the idea of having the cross on the wall above the head of your bed, you might want to choose a large design so that the cross is a focal point in the room.


Celtic wall crosses are available in many different wood types. The type of wood can not only affect the price of the cross — which is important to remember if you have a specific budget for this purchase — but it also affects its appearance. Some woods, such as olive wood, have grains that are highly pronounced. If you like the idea of your cross having visible grain, perhaps because you feel that the grain adds more character, you'll want to focus on a wood type that offers this appearance.

Decorative Details

The number of decorative details on Celtic wall crosses can vary a lot. Some products have an extremely simple look, which can be appealing to those who want their cross to simply represent their faith without being extravagant. Others have a number of stylish details, including engraved edges around the perimeter of the cross. Some even feature metal decorative elements, which can enhance the overall look of the design. To check out numerous examples of wooden Celtic wall crosses for sale, visit a retail website that carries religious-themed decorative items for the home.


20 January 2023

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