Features to Look for in Combat Boots to Keep in Your Survival Stash


When most preppers consider building up their collection of gear, they are thinking along the lines of food and water supplies, fuel, and possibly ammunition. However, if you are a serious prepper, you know that it is also important for you to plan for an event that would leave you having to travel on foot. If you want to be prepared to travel by foot, then military footwear could be an excellent addition to your stash.

18 September 2017

Three Things To Know About Shopping At An Online Boutique When You Want Unique Clothing


Being able to express yourself through the clothes that you wear is important. Many people have found that shopping in local stores limits their ability to look unique because everyone is shopping at the same place for their clothing. If you want to show off your unique fashion sense every day, consider investing in clothing from an online fashion boutique. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about shopping for unique clothing through an online fashion boutique.

29 August 2017

4 Awesomely Patriotic Gifts For The True-Blue American Man


Do you have a dude in your life who gets misty eyed over the thought of purple mountain majesties? What about that man you know who is a patriot through and through, from sea to shining sea? Maybe you know a guy who randomly spouts off sections of the Pledge of Allegiance. If you have a guy in your life who is all about American pride and the stars and stripes, picking gifts for this person can be a ton of fun, regardless of the occasion.

8 August 2017

Designing Senior Class Shirts


It's senior year. You've been waiting for this your whole life and now it's finally your turn in the spotlight. What better way to distinguish yourself than by designing senior class shirts? Here are the top things to know about designing and printing t-shirts for you and your fellow seniors. Designing the Graphic A senior class shirt with personality quickly becomes sentimental- and when things are sentimental, you keep them around.

27 July 2017

Moving Into Your First Apartment? 3 Simple Ways To Decorate On A Budget


Now that you're heading off to college, you'll finally be living on your own. That means you'll have your own apartment to decorate. That also means that you'll be living on a budget, which means you might not have much spare cash for decorating. That doesn't mean you can't add your own sense of flair and personality. Here are three creative ways to decorate your apartment without breaking the bank.

19 July 2017

3 Tips For Upgrading Your Western Horse Showing Wardrobe


If you love showing your horses in a Western riding style, you probably know just how flashy some of the outfits that others wear. In order to have fun and really stand out, you probably want to make sure that you are wearing nice, impressive show clothing. If you are feeling a bit uninspired about how to upgrade your Western horse showing wardrobe, however, consider following these tips as you shop for equestrian show clothes.

28 June 2017

Prolonging The Life Of Your Dress Compression Stockings Or Socks


If your physician recently recommended that you purchase a few quality pairs of dress compression socks or stockings to aid with varicose vein pain, it is likely you will find relief rather quickly after using these helpful clothing accessories. It is important to take the time to protect your investment from potential damage. Caring for your footwear properly will keep the pieces in the best of shape so they can be continued to be used for a long time.

22 June 2017

Cool Custom Gift Ideas For Dad On Father's Day


With Father's Day right around the corner, you are probably scrambling to find the perfect gift for that important guy in your life. Even though dad may seem to have everything, there are a few gifts that you could come up with that will be special to him, especially those that are personalized. But beyond the basic engraved pen set and tie clip, what else is there? Thankfully, there are all kinds of cool custom gift ideas that you can get for dad.

12 June 2017

Cool Leather Accents For Any Season


If you want to beef-up your year-round wardrobe, pick up some leather accents. Leather is wearable any season, and there are some quality leather merchandise that can be used to shake up your current closet. Before you buy any more clothing this season, consider how leather accents can extend and enhance your favorite ensembles. Some lovely leather accents that suit any season include the following: Cute cuffs. Cuffs are very chic right now, and these are the perfect way to bring a pop of personality to any outfit.

29 May 2017

Book-Lovers Unite: Tips For Throwing A Library-Themed Wedding


If you are a bookworm, or if you are engaged to someone who loves to read, consider throwing a library-themed wedding. These fun and tasteful weddings implement elements of a library into the party, in a unique way that has a slightly-vintage flavor. Try the following ideas at your library-themed celebration: A beautiful wedding dress. For your library or book-themed wedding, many different styles of wedding dresses will work. Check out shorter dresses in ivory or white lace and consider a hat instead of a veil for a contemporary look that fits the occasion.

18 May 2017